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By using these four tips in conjunction with the formula for acquisition conversion rate, email marketers can significantly boost opt-in frequency for subscriber lists. Earlier this month, I led a webinar for the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA). One of topics we discussed was boosting opt-in email list growth. Here are
  If it wasn’t clear enough already, it’s painfully obvious now: if you’re offering a service you expect users to pay for, you need to give them a freemium option to begin with. But you might be losing out if you can’t upgrade your freemium base. Recent research from e-commerce
The whole PPC experience is frustrating. You want to throw your coffee mug against the wall, but that type of behavior is frowned upon in your co-working space. Your cost per click is too high to ever be profitable–certainly much higher than you were led to believe it would be. You
  As more and more people are wising up to the idea of researching before purchasing, the role of content as a primary marketing tool is growing. A couple of years ago, content was no more than a means to higher traffic and a “web master”‘s selling point to business
Research indicates that media buyers are more inclined to advertise on Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram than on Facebook. Though only a little over four years old, Snapchat already has more than 100 million users worldwide and there are over 700 million snaps that are taken each day. Not bad for a social
Very few writers really know what they are doing until they’ve done it. – Anne Lamott This quote from Anne Lamott resonates with me quite a bit. I seldom know what I’m doing until I’ve done it. I also seldom know what other writers are doing either. I recognize what I enjoy
In short, yes! As competition becomes increasingly fierce, B2B and B2C companies are all fighting for customers to read their content, and purchase their products or services. With so many options available to today’s consumers, many brands are searching for a way to stay top of mind with potential customers.
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When you give a child a present, there’s a little more going on behind the scenes than when you give an adult a present. With a child, you have to think about the things they enjoy and what a suitable budget is – just as you do for an adult.
While the general quality of online advertising is on the up, if the take up rate for adblockers is anything to go by (there were 198m adblocker users at last count), we’re still not getting it quite right. We know that ads are here for the foreseeable future – they support the free
Apps are as effective as their reach. It’s the cold truth of marketing—no matter the quality of your campaign, it’s the delivery that makes it successful. To ensure your mobile app lives up to its ROI potential, it’s important to invest in a well designed mobile marketing strategy, which can
In this modern age of technology, you can’t let yourself get left behind if the people around you are improving and developing. Nowadays, everyone wants to keep going. They don’t have time to wait. Their busy schedule is their top priority. If your visitors’ expectations are not met, they will look
Recently, I wrote about four content ideas to help improve your local SEO, one of which dealt with adding a blog to your website. After the article had published, a question came from a reader about whether or not Facebook counts as a blog. In my response, which you can read here,
The hotel you stay in can completely make or break any holiday. While the right hotel will provide you with a comfortable base of operations in which to relax and ton of amenities, the wrong hotel can make you uncomfortable and potentially even unsafe – souring your impression of an
The latest monthly smartphone and mobile data from comScore show little change. Google’s Android continues to lead the US smartphone market, with 51 percent market share. Apple’s iOS is roughly 10 points behind. Microsoft’s smartphone market share is below three percent, and BlackBerry is at one percent. What’s more interesting than the
What was highly speculated to be a Penguin update over the weekend was actually just a core ranking algorithm update. However, it may be different from past core updates, considering recent news that the core algorithm has been integrated with Panda. This news was first reported on by Jennifer Slegg who received