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When I was in high school, I wanted my own computer. If this seems odd to you, please bear in mind that not everyone grew up in the techno-happening world that we now live in! In fact, it was during my youth and high school days that the internet was


If you’re looking for a truly versatile PC that’s portable, powerful and incredibly fun to use, then you still won’t find anything better than the Surface Pro 3. While it has been around for over a year now, there’s still nothing out there that can beat it for a number of specific

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Content marketing has all the necessary ingredients to be called an investment. It’s a long-term strategy, it takes time to realize the return, and the goal is positive ROI. While there are a lot of strategies for making content effective, one of the less talked about topics is onboarding content

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Investing in a camera doesn’t just mean buying a new shooter – it means investing in a whole infrastructure and walled garden. If you buy a new DLSR, you’ll need to buy new lenses, filters, cases and accessories, which means that once you make the transition to a new device,


Published by Apha-Sense – WilliamFreedman-Alpha-Sence (link to this poosting: https://bit.ly/3hrI2SZ) As Janet Yellen famously noted, economic expansions don’t die of old age. She said that when the post-Great Recession boom was a mere stripling of six years and its best times were yet to come. It lived another four-plus years—and


Heart disease is the leading killer of Americans. That should make you stop in your tracks and pay attention to what steps you can take to help prevent heart disease. Let’s look at some strategies that don’t involve medication. These methods are in your hands. It’s up to you to


Style is a means of expressing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing, and having your personal style will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Also, knowing your personal style will help you create a wardrobe you truly love. If you usually spend hours in front of the mirror

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Sportswear or Activewear includes clothing and footwear designed to enhance or enable physical activity as well as protect and provide comfort during mobility. Functional Considerations The main difference between regular clothing and activewear is that the former can be restrictive while sportswear is designed to promote free range of motion.

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In this day and age there are so many options and programs to lose weight it’s overwhelming. If you type “weight loss program” in Google, you will be blown away by the amount of different offers screaming at you from the page. They range between magical, fast, best, easiest, etc.


Did you ever find that one perfect song that said exactly what you were feeling at one specific moment in time? Or how about a song that helped you overcome a breakup, deal with grief, or pursue your dreams? That’s one of the things about music—it can cover so much

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Nearly a quarter, 23 percent, of Americans worked from home in 2014, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey. If you’re one of the lucky few that enjoys the ability to work from anywhere you like, the following tools will help keep you productive — no matter where you are: 1.


By James Miller As a street photography enthusiast, I like the adrenaline when taking pictures in the public without making people curious. Taking pictures of strangers was often hard; however, I soon discovered that almost everyone likes to be photographed if you respect their privacy and feelings. Street photography is