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By Danielle Holland-Ingram Many of us struggle to have an amazing body. We spend countless hours in the gym, try new diets and crazy fads, and sometimes, even resort to medical methods that promise to “burn the fat.” We’ve dealt with tofu tasting, green detoxing, headaches from fasting, corsets for
Source: By NANCY HARHUT published SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 – Content Marketing Institute Article Published by Content Marketing Institute (link to article: https://bit.ly/2ReBmwD) You’d like more people to respond to your emails. But do you feel sometimes like you’ve run out of ways to make that happen? Then you’ll want to
The idea that content is king extends to online reviews, where a new study found that consumers put far more weight in content than star reviews. During a recent experiment, ConsumerAffairs created three sample review pages, with different star ratings and varying lengths of review content. The lowest rating was paired with
Retail is (not) dead. It is interesting how you can find articles proving either one or the other. There are sources saying that people don’t go to malls anymore and even if they do, they don’t buy much because now it is all available online and cheaper. Other say stores
Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar book outlet shows that physical stores still play a significant role in the customer purchase journey on the rise of online shopping. This month Amazon opened its first physical bookstore in Seattle’s University Village neighborhood. Many laughed at this move because it looks ironic for an online retailer to
By Danni Holland Ingram First, thing is first – for those of you who are not entirely tech-friendly junkies, we will start from square one – What is a vlog? Well, a vlog is just like a blog in that it can be about anything, from food to travel, to
Mobile devices dominated the holiday shopping season, outpacing the PC in driving traffic to e-commerce sites and being used as shopping companions in physical stores. In addition, mobile commerce also grew significantly from 2014 (59 percent), though perhaps not as much as one might have anticipated. According to online measurement
Did you ever find that one perfect song that said exactly what you were feeling at one specific moment in time? Or how about a song that helped you overcome a breakup, deal with grief, or pursue your dreams? That’s one of the things about music—it can cover so much
Wondering why your site is experiencing a drop in performance? Columnist Winston Burton explores what to check before assuming it’s the result of an algorithm update. Predicting why organic traffic has declined year over year or month over month can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I
Whenever I set out to write something like this, I’m always hesitant because I know that someone (or multiple someones) will read this and know every single thing on the list already. I write it anyway because I think it’s always good to have a refresher. If you pick up
If you’ve recently visited your doctor, chances are he discussed a new term you’ve never heard of: body mass index , or BMI . But, what is BMI? And, how does it affect your health? A Primer on Obesity Muffin top. Love handles. Beer belly. Call it what you want. Most of us are
As Bing and Google rule out more beloved link building strategies, marketers increasingly turn to supposedly “safe” strategies like broken link replacement (a form of “link reclamation”).  I’m not convinced this is as safe a link building strategy as its proponents want to believe, but so far the search engines