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An excellent set of earphones is an essential component for any voice acting studio. It does not matter if it is a home studio, your crew’s rehearsal room, or the commercial studio you finally opened. You’re going to need professional headphones to have fun and sound good. Here, we’ve made

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See which brands will be airing ads on the most-watched sports night of the year, along with their campaigns, teaser ads and more. On February 7, two NFL teams will take the field to battle it out on the most-watched sports night of the year, but marketers know where the


In the year 2017, Apps are still all the hype and it is safe to say that your mobile phone is pretty useless without them. With that said, we are well aware that there is this ongoing silent war between Android and iPhone users. Who has the best apps? Well,


The relationships we have with our colleagues are quite unique and different from the relationships we have with anyone else. Often our colleagues are our friends, though that doesn’t mean we’d necessarily consider them as such, or invite them over to play board games. Colleagues are friends at work and they’re people


Certain things in life can come in trends, like fashion, music, and even health products. Sometimes these trends can get confusing since popularity levels can skyrocket and plummet, and we as consumers might never be sure what the next big things are going to be. We wait, see, and then

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Trying to make Leap Day into a federal  holiday, Zappos’ closing its call center could have backfired. But it worked because it was strangely on brand. Yesterday was February 29, a very special day added due to the Gregorian calendar’s disparity with the solar system. Zappos is moving to make

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Fact. The only people who truly understand what’s going on when the word “lenses” comes up in a conversation are either really good photographers or really bad at identifying that fifth line at the optometrist’s office. Let’s focus (no pun intended) on the photography kind of lens. What Exactly is

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The research is based on the data provided by Deloitte Notes: Digital technologies influenced an estimated 49% of in-store sales last year ($1.7T), in line with previously-released projections and up from 36% the year prior, says Deloitte. Mobile’s influence, as expected, has been growing quickly, directly impacting 28% of in-store sales last year,

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The art scene in Israel had its beginnings in the early part of the 20th century when the rebirth of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel was beginning to take shape. Israel’s leading school of the visual arts – Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – was


  Holiday music is a big deal! The right tune can set the mood for your seasonal celebrating, whether you’re blasting it while you decorate or it’s blaring through your speakers while you’re driving your car. Typically, this musical enhancement of holidays is mostly noted as a part of Christmas,

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Another nail in Adobe Flash’s coffin is getting hammered in today. Google is now beginning to pause Flash-based ads by default in its Chrome browser. Google announced the move to automatically pause plug-in content, including Flash ads, in Chrome in June as a way to speed up page loads and cut down on battery

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You must have heard of Discount Tire; the prominent American online tire and wheel retailing business. They have been in business for 58 years and are still running and growing up to date. So far, they have managed to open up about 1000 stores in over 30 states with their