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One of the best pieces of advice to give someone who’s interested in starting a workout regimen is to make sure that they’re physically well enough to handle certain kinds of exercise. Rule Number One, basically, is to check with your doctor to see what you can and can’t handle
If you’ve ever signed up for a gym membership, then you’re already well aware of the power of sunk cost effect. Basically, every time you sigh and grumble your way to the gym to power up the elliptical, you’re falling prey to this phenomenon that says we’re reluctant to pull
My company sells sales-and-marketing software technologies. Really good ones. Customer relationship management applications. Bulk email services. Quoting software. Mobile apps. Outbound and inbound lead, opportunity and campaign management tools. We also help implement these technologies by providing design, training, customization, integration and development services. All for an hourly fee, of
With the wealth of data available to marketers, marketing analytics can unveil unanticipated breakthroughs that will bolster your strategy, says columnist Joshua Reynolds. Microwave ovens. Velcro. Viagra. These and many other everyday scientific advances were discovered quite by accident. Serendipitous discovery plays a huge role not only in scientific advances, but
This year brought plenty of opportunities for marketers, as evidenced in increasing digital ad budgets. Here’s a round-up of important industry stats in 2015, ranging from ad spend to video to social media marketing. Some of these stats (the records set by Alibaba and digital advertisers in the U.S.) pertain to
Source: Ray Schultz – MediaPost (Link to article: https://bit.ly/3kaioDZ) Retailers are barraging inboxes with emails — and customers don’t like it, judging by The Cost of Annoying Customers With Email, an infograph by SmarterHQ. Of the top email clutter generators, 70% are retailers, the study says. That’s saying a lot,
Although marketing through social media is the norm, Twitter is still an enigma for many. I can’t recount just how many times I have heard business owners and marketers tell me, “I just don’t get Twitter.” In this article, I help you understand Twitter’s place in the marketing mix, first
There are many sectors and businesses that have seen huge change in the digital age but probably one of the most dramatic changes comes in the world of marketing where digital marketing and advertising technology is now the norm. The effect that is happening on media agency models, and the
Copywriting is an art. One that many writers have managed to hone over years of dedication to the craft. Every copywriter has managed to come up with their own version of copywriting tips that enable them to create well-crafted content that gets the job done, whatever that job may be. Copywriting
It’s a trend you would have to be blind to have not realised – but a new report from Gartner says that digital marketing has now gone mainstream with 98% of marketers saying the world of online and offline marketing are merging. It may be an obvious statement but it
Marketing is a practical necessity for all businesses — big, small, new or old. But, unlike other business needs that are fairly cut-and-dried (think accounting), marketing is a bit more qualitative in its approach. In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different strategies to choose from, and conflicting information can sometimes
It astonishes me how many businesses don’t have a clue who their target market is. Sure, if you ask the head of sales who the target audience is, he or she may have an answer, but does this sales exec know why this is the target market? What problems this