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There’s no denying that Samsung is a true giant of the mobile phone market. Their Galaxy line of devices has given even the iPhone a serious run for its money and the company is now a household name all around the world. But while Samsung has enjoyed a lot of


‘Tis the season to break out the plastic tombstones, string the artificial bats, and buy all kinds of candy for the trick-or-treaters who’ll be haunting your house on Halloween! This is the time to celebrate when scary meets fun, and to showcase your appreciation of darker aspects of entertainment, like

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As virtual reality (VR) becomes more accessible, it’s getting out of its novelty phase. But could it disrupt e-commerce? A very cool experience at CES in Vegas makes us think that it could, but industry experts see both sides. With Facebook’s Oculus Rift finally available to preorder, virtual reality is the

Seattle Whirlwind Tour

If you are in the United States and on the west coast, Seattle is a city that we insist be a stop on your list of places to visit. On our tour, we stayed in this city for about a week and a half, touring its various attractions and dining


You’ve no doubt heard of Amazon Prime and maybe even scrunched your brow in confusion about why a person would pay to be a member of the site just to shop. The truth, however, is that this membership can be wonderful and actually save you money from year to year.


Regardless of the restrictions in your area, you might not feel comfortable going to a beauty salon to get your eyebrows professionally shaped in the current situation, given the close proximity of therapist to client, and also given the amount of protective equipment that needs to be worn by both.

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Each year, holiday marketing seems to start earlier and earlier – but is it too early? Use this guide to determine when to start your email, social and search this holiday season. Many marketers consider the moment that Halloween ends as the unofficial start of the holiday season – but

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If it wasn’t clear enough already, it’s painfully obvious now: if you’re offering a service you expect users to pay for, you need to give them a freemium option to begin with. But you might be losing out if you can’t upgrade your freemium base. Recent research from e-commerce provider

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Mobile, pre-sales marketing and a live television gala event starring James Bond, were just some of the elements making this year’s Alibaba Singles Day event another record-breaker. Alibaba Singles Day, China’s 24-hour online shop-a-thon, has smashed all e-commerce shopping records after raking in US$14.3 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV)


Interests and hobbies can take many forms, but a love of reading is something that can develop into almost a lifestyle. If you find that you’ve been bitten by the reading bug to become your own bookworm, details in your life can change to make room for that aspect of

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Here’s why the Net Promoter Score remains a satisfaction metrics mainstay, and how it can be put to good use Brand advocates and ambassadors are invaluable these days, but it can be tough for marketers to determine which customers truly are satisfied and loyal enough to publicly sing a brand’s


Finding the time to game with your significant other or best friend can be challenging in itself. The main challenge a lot of new gamers find themselves in, is where are all the two player “elite” games at? It’s no secret that most table top games are for 3 players