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Columnist Rob Rasko takes a look at how last year’s predictions from a publisher survey panned out and shares what he expects lies ahead for marketers in 2016. In December of 2014, AdMonsters partnered with The 614 Group (my employer) to conduct a publisher survey to gain insight into the
Beating the pavement in the heat? Everything you need to know about how heat affects your workout. During the summer months, working out can quickly become very rough, especially for those of us that live in hot or humid environments. This can be far more than just uncomfortable, however, as
Many businesses utilize website analytics to determine their site’s overall traffic and visitor count. Analytics can also include many other useful metrics — top ranking pages, popular landing pages, and visits from paid search and online advertising — data that is not only crucial for judging a site’s success but
One of the best pieces of advice to give someone who’s interested in starting a workout regimen is to make sure that they’re physically well enough to handle certain kinds of exercise. Rule Number One, basically, is to check with your doctor to see what you can and can’t handle
You look in the mirror and see a second chin starting to form? Are you considering surgery to get rid of those folds of skin? Well hold on before you commit to doing surgery to get rid of it because there are some exercises that you can do to keep
Hello there! Welcome to ‘ForGlobalTravelers’. On this site you will find information on a range of services that can help you to book the holiday or business trip that you want. Whenever you travel there is always an element of guess work and an element of luck. Until you arrive
These observations are based on data collected via AppNexus’ advertising index for Q2 2015. Use these insights to make informed inferences about the future of digital marketing. The ad tech business is naturally a forward-looking and future-oriented one. We’re all interested in the next big innovation around the corner because
It’s a trend you would have to be blind to have not realised – but a new report from Gartner says that digital marketing has now gone mainstream with 98% of marketers saying the world of online and offline marketing are merging. It may be an obvious statement but it
A strong social presence is crucial to the success of online marketing, and social media is one of the best ways to build that online strength. If you’ve already been publishing content Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social platforms, you’ve completed the first step. Perhaps you’ve begun building up a decent following and your
Spring is the season of blooming flowers, vibrant colors, pleasant weather and harvest, which means a great many festivals that are a cultural tradition to pay thanks to the bounties of nature. Spring is a great time to travel as it allows you to beat the awful heat of the
There’s no doubt that 2015 was the year of Taylor Swift. Building off the success of her 1989 album release, Taylor’s world tour generated over $4 million per show — a small piece of her current empire. And that success rolls on: As the highest-earning musician in the world, Swift makes more than $1 million
In the realm of photography there is arguably anything more important than light. So why would anyone go through the hassle (and boy, can it be a hassle) of taking pictures at night? Well, obviously because no sun ray could ever be as romantic as the moonlight… or starlight. All