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Running Shoe Rundown

Have you ever wanted an end-all-be-all breakdown on your favorite running shoes? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve cut through the bulk and narrowed our findings down to our two favorite running shoes currently on the market. These shoes prove to be awesome, affordable and comfortable options for those who are charting new territories with …

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Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

Try, just for a moment, to picture a daily lifestyle that in no way, shape, or form includes music—and I mean, no music! No background music on your movies, no commercial jingles, no humming while you clean your kitchen—nothing! It’s hard to do, isn’t it? The reason for that difficulty is linked to music being so integrated …

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Abs Training Done Right

Any training has to be justified by everyday activities. Let me ask you a question – how often do you use your beloved crunches, planks or hanging leg raises in real life? That’s a hard one, right? Let’s think about it together.  Crunches require concentrated work of your abs’ muscles. You use it when you …

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