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At first glance, fashion and technology might not seem immediately compatible. In today’s world of fashion, however, technological influences are readily present. From high-tech fabrics to wearable technology accessories, fashion and technology are merging, and fashion is being redefined in innovative ways. Additionally, advances in technology have changed the way people shop for clothing and …

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Nine Fashion Rules for an Effortless Holiday Glam

Let your imaginations, creativity and fashion sensibility run a little wild this holiday season. Break yourself free form the comfort and coziness of your regular wardrobe and experiment something a little extra dramatic, extra dazzling and extra elaborative for your office or home holiday parties, dinner dates with the significant other and we would also throw in …

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The modish, yet affordable jewelry, you must have!

Want to add beauty to your long shimmery wardrobe for a party? Every body love s to have stylish, delicate fashion jewelry picks that are fit for all the seasons. You can spark the beauty inside you with some amazing design filled jewelry from Amazon . We are the affordable, yet tantalizing jewelry store that can have an old-fashioned charm, but at the same time …

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Top 10 Shoe Trends

The season has gradually transited into fall/winter of 2018-2019 and we are heading towards the happy holidays and festivity. It’s the best time to shop and refresh our wardrobes with the trendiest and lovable latest trendy articles. No matter how many outfits we have, our stunning and fashionable wardrobe is never complete without the noticeable …

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Makeup Trends

So, what will 2017 bring as far as makeup trends go? We probably aren’t to the point in the future when makeup trends will be modeled after Capital residents in The Hunger Games , there are some pretty unusual makeup trends that could becoming up in 2017. From unusual colors and styles, to brand new and quite …

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