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Summer is here, complete with pool parties and fireworks, so it’s time to dive into the good times and outdoor life of these sunny months since it won’t be too long until the seasons again change and force us back indoors! So many things could be considered trademarks for this

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For both video and display ads, “viewability” has become an important topic. Now that the Media Ratings Council (MRC) had released a standard for “viewability” —a video ad is considered viewable if half its pixels are on-screen for two seconds—publishers and advertisers are able to measure viewable impressions. Google has

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Another nail in Adobe Flash’s coffin is getting hammered in today. Google is now beginning to pause Flash-based ads by default in its Chrome browser. Google announced the move to automatically pause plug-in content, including Flash ads, in Chrome in June as a way to speed up page loads and cut down on battery

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If you’re curious for ways to grow your social media numbers, to have more success, to get more followers and more clicks, the absolute best piece of advice we’ve found is to keep trying new things. Always be testing. Need inspiration? I’ve drummed up 30 new, small, and simple experiments and growth hacks you can


A lot of people have a little paranoia about getting the flu vaccine, whether because they’ve engrossed themselves in conspiracy theories, have a serious needle phobia, or just don’t like the idea of something foreign going into their system. Of course, some people are just apathetic. How important is immunization?


Source: Entrepreneur.com – Lucas Miller (Link to article: https://bit.ly/3hdXMZu) Even the most educated, reasonable online buyers bail from time to time. Does this sound familiar? Here’s why. The data isn’t pretty. In 2016, the average cart abandonment rate was a whopping 77 percent. Then in 2017, it rose to 78

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The whole PPC experience is frustrating. You want to throw your coffee mug against the wall, but that type of behavior is frowned upon in your co-working space. Your cost per click is too high to ever be profitable–certainly much higher than you were led to believe it would be. You

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Content marketing has all the necessary ingredients to be called an investment. It’s a long-term strategy, it takes time to realize the return, and the goal is positive ROI. While there are a lot of strategies for making content effective, one of the less talked about topics is onboarding content

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Priceline.com is an American company that offers discounted rates for travelers. This includes prices for airline tickets, hotel stays and more. The company does not provide these services itself and nor is it just a search engine. Instead it works alongside suppliers in order to try and get discounted rates.

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by Anna Aguilar In this day and age, there are so many options and programs to lose weight which is quite overwhelming. If you type “weight loss program” in Google, you will be blown away by the amount of different offers screaming at you from the page. They range between


Sport racing can be quite a big deal, and some cars are designed for such purposes. These cars have the horsepower and turbo speed to go as fast as you would need them in any race. However, picking the wrong one comes easy without the right information. In this review,


If you’re planning on selling your car, then it’s important to spend some time on it to help it go for as much as possible. In terms of Return On Investment, this is a very savvy move – just a few changes now can help you get hundreds more dollars when you