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There are so many things in your day-to-day life that require maintenance and cleaning, and while you’re tending to the bigger things—like laundry and a sink full of dishes—some of the smaller things can easily get overlooked. For some those forgotten items, the consequences of not cleaning them regularly can
A strong social presence is crucial to the success of online marketing, and social media is one of the best ways to build that online strength. If you’ve already been publishing content Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social platforms, you’ve completed the first step. Perhaps you’ve begun building up a decent following and your
While away from home, you want to be happy. You want to be comfortable. You want to enjoy yourself. You want the place where you are staying to meet your satisfaction. But there is a problem. You’ve never been to that place before. You’ve only seen it in a directory
Published by Apha-Sense – WilliamFreedman-Alpha-Sence (link to this poosting: https://bit.ly/3hrI2SZ) As Janet Yellen famously noted, economic expansions don’t die of old age. She said that when the post-Great Recession boom was a mere stripling of six years and its best times were yet to come. It lived another four-plus years—and
The season has gradually transited into fall/winter of 2018-2019 and we are heading towards the happy holidays and festivity. It’s the best time to shop and refresh our wardrobes with the trendiest and lovable latest trendy articles. No matter how many outfits we have, our stunning and fashionable wardrobe is
Today, Sony is known as one of the industry’s most successful corporations, developing, designing, and manufacturing some of the world’s best-selling electrical products. Known for its excellence in mobile communications, game and network services, home entertainment and sound systems, electrical devices, and imaging products and solutions, the electric giant’s beginnings
Recently, I wrote about four content ideas to help improve your local SEO, one of which dealt with adding a blog to your website. After the article had published, a question came from a reader about whether or not Facebook counts as a blog. In my response, which you can read here,
Most people have heard of the success of Perez Hilton’s blog and that he makes somewhere between $200,000 to $400,000 each month blogging about the latest celebrity gossip. Success stories like Hilton’s might make the prospect of earning a fortune blogging seem real, but the truth is that it is hard work and
In his book Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business, marketing and public relations consultant Jason Rich show you how to master the secrets of successful “YouTubers” and put your brand, product or service in front of millions of potential viewers. In this edited excerpt, the author walks you through
As virtual reality (VR) becomes more accessible, it’s getting out of its novelty phase. But could it disrupt e-commerce? A very cool experience at CES in Vegas makes us think that it could, but industry experts see both sides. With Facebook’s Oculus Rift finally available to preorder, virtual reality is the
Nearly 13 million people a year are diagnosed with cancer around the world. It’s the second leading cause of death in the US. Heart disease is the only thing that kills more Americans than cancer. It kills 500,000 Americans each year. Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to know five ways
Big data has opened many doors for businesses, providing analytics that give a deep dive into various aspects of operations. However, Big Data so often also leaves businesses with a lot of unanswered questions. Data analytics is fantastic for getting information, not so much for providing solutions and recommendations. It’s a diagnosis without a prescription.   Business analytics