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10 Ways to Make Money at Home

It is no secret that with the pandemic we are experiencing more and more people are finding themselves either without jobs or having their hours drastically cut. These can be some of the most terrifying times or we can look at the silver linings and finally use this time to become financially independent without worrying about punching a time clock. We are living in the golden age of working from home and it is time you took advantage of that! There is little greater feeling than having your own schedule and still being able to pay all your bills. Most people who make their money at home do so by having more than one iron in the fire so to speak. For instance, I am a comedian, writer and at times I drive ride-share. I do all three because at times, I have no gigs for one or more of these roles so I spread my time between the three and make money where I can. I am able to stay home full time because of this.  

 Here is a list of 10 ways we know you can make money while staying home.  

  1. Ride-Share 

Okay so the first one isn’t technically “at home” but this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money while still making your own schedule and being able to BE HOME when you want. Look into companies like Uber, Lyft or Grub-Hub to find out how easy it is to make money just driving.  

  1. Join A Focus Group 

There are many companies out there that wants to hear what you think, and they will pay you to do so! Now some of these gigs do not pay that much but when you are looking at $25-$500 for just giving your opinion on something, that’s easy money. Look at websites like C2 Research, AccuData or Fieldwork to see how you can get started!  

  1. Take Online Surveys

Much like a focus group only way easier and less time consuming, you can make money by simply taking surveys. Now here’s the deal, you will not get rich doing this and there are a lot of places out there that are scams, but if you research and find the legit sites that will pay you, you can make anywhere from $150-$250 extra a month just filling in the blank.  

  1. Start an eBay Store 

I know it sounds cliché to start an online store in 2020, but if you do it right there is a lot of money to be made with eBay. There great thing is that you can start with things you already own. Find a few items you have that you do not use and put them up for bid, use that money to purchase items you find on sale or in auctions and repeat the prices. You would be surprised what is in plenty in your area, may not be available in other areas and people will pay top dollar for what you have.  

  1. Become a Freelance Writer 

Guess what, I am getting paid right now to write this article for you! I am a freelance writer and there has never been a better suited job for me. If you are able to put your thoughts down and share your expertise in a certain area, freelance writing is a great job for you! Check out sites like Upwork, Freelancer or PeoplePerHour to get started.  

  1. Start your own Blog 

Okay so you love to write but still don’t want someone else telling you what they want you to write. That’s fine, there is still money to be made with your talent, just start a blog. Blogging is a great way to earn income on your own terms, but it takes time to build up an audience. Once you have so many readers on your blog you will be able to sell ad space and make a good chunk of change just putting your thoughts out into the world!  

  1. Start a YouTube channel or Podcast 

Are you someone with a lot of personality or perhaps a hobby, talent or interest you think other people would benefit from? Join the thousands of people who let their voice be heard and see if you have what it takes. The great thing about this gig is that you don’t really need any investment to get started and you are able to focus on things you like. I do not make a TON of money with my YouTube or podcast, but I do make a little each month as well as the few hundred a year I make from t-shirt sells. If you build a large enough audience, you have the potential to make MILLIONS on advertising. Someone has to make that money, why not you?  

  1. Become a Technical Freelancer  

Getting back to the freelance work, being a technical freelancer is another way to showcase the talent you have and get paid to do so. It’s not all about writing, you could freelance in marketing, web design, graphic design, payroll or even sales depending on your talents and desires. The same sites I mentioned for freelance writing applies here but I find the best one is Upwork. It will not start you out making much, but it will help you build a foundation for what you desire.  

  1. Become a Tutor  

Right now, there are so many parents trying to figure out how they are going to teach their kids while they are at home, or college students struggling to keep their grades where they need to be without the one-on-one interaction they are used to. If you are able to share some of your knowledge, this is a great way to make some money. Chegg Tutors is a site where you can actually earn up to $20 an hour tutoring and set your own schedule. The great thing with this gig is you feel good about giving back while getting paid! 

  1. Airbnb 

What better way to make money at home than making money FROM your home? With Airbnb you are able to rent out rooms or sections of your home for a set price. If you are comfortable with sharing your home for an average of $924 a month, this may be a winner for you!  

Written exclusively for our company by Jacob Ruble

Source: Coolmambo.com