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LifeLock Review

LifeLock’s identity theft monitoring, alert and recovery services aim to detect problems and help you bounce back, but it — and other similar services — cannot prevent identity theft. Freezing your credit files with the three major credit bureaus is the best way to prevent someone from using your personal information to open accounts. Freezing …

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Computer Engineering

Intro With the exponential rise in technological advancement, computer engineering is perhaps one of the fastest growing degrees out there. The benefits of such education include long-term job security and growth as well as a nice paycheck straight out of graduation. Computer engineering is the combination of electrical engineering and computer science – so much …

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How using a cloud-based accounting system can benefit your small business

What is ‘the cloud’? In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of cloud-based IT systems, including cloud-based accounting systems. Most of us have heard talk of ‘the cloud’ but don’t actually know what it means, so let’s start with a quick overview. When we talk about ‘the cloud’, we’re referring to …

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