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Laptops: Surface Pro 3

If you’re looking for a truly versatile PC that’s portable, powerful and incredibly fun to use, then you still won’t find anything better than the Surface Pro 3. While it has been around for over a year now, there’s still nothing out there that can beat it for a number of specific use scenarios – and yes, …

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The Internet of Things

To many people “The Internet of Things” is one of those terms that they utter in only sarcastic tones while winking with one eye, the way we sometimes use to joke about “ doing lunch” , or say “I’ll ‘Tweeeeet’ it to you,” as if Twitter were something only super-nerdy tech-freaks did. There are other people who spend most of their …

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Top Mobile Apps

In the year 2017, Apps are still all the hype and it is safe to say that your mobile phone is pretty useless without them. With that said, we are well aware that there is this ongoing silent war between Android and iPhone users. Who has the best apps? Well, we are certainly choosing to …

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