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Family Evening Luxury – What to Wear?

Sometimes we don’t want to make an effort. Sometimes, instead of dressing up to the nines for date night, we’d rather just change into our pajamas and crash on the couch. In fact, this is often what a lot of us feel like doing after a long day at work.

And that’s fine! In fact, feeling comfortable enough with your partner to be able to dress in your slacks is a very good sign and is something you should aspire to. That said though, if you’re always changing into pajamas and slobbing out around the house, then you can risk turning your partner off a little. It’s not nice to think that your partner puts on their sexy, professional work attire for their colleagues and then comes home and changes into their ugliest smelliest sweater for you! What’s more is that we actually tend to feel much better about ourselves when we go to the effort of dressing smartly. When you look good, you feel good – and especially if the clothes are nice quality and comfortable too.

So the question is: how can you have that comfortable family evening and enjoy a little luxury? Here are some ideas.

For Women

The ultimate item of clothing for women who want to relax around the home feeling comfortable is the woolly jumper. Guys love women in woolly jumpers – especially men’s jumpers – and if you can pull off this look then it can be super cute.

The objective here is to choose an overly-sized woolly jumper with long sleeves that makes you look huggable. Meanwhile, you want to wear something a little tighter on your bottom half – the size of the jumper will accentuate a slim pair of legs.

If it’s Christmas, then feel free to pull out the reindeer sweater! Christmas jumpers are actually very much in vogue right now – as are Christmas dresses!

Another particularly comfortable item of clothing that is in fashion right now? The onesie! These have made a massive come back recently and as such, there are some very nice quality ones out there. Along a similar line is the snood, which is a scarf that can double as a hood or jumper and is perfect for in front of the TV.

Similar to a onesie is a jumpsuit. These have a retro appeal that is back in fashion and with a belt they can be quite stylish.

And instead of changing into pyjamas, how about changing into an attractive nightie? These can be incredibly luxurious and attractive and are just right for curling up in bed with a good book. That said though, there’s nothing wrong with a cute pair of PJs for the evening.

For the bottom half, leggings can be very comfortable and are something that any guy will appreciate seeing you in. In the summer, a maxi skirt can be light and flowing while still looking nice – especially if it shows off your behind… 

For Men

Likewise, there are quite a few items that are at once comfortable for men while still being stylish and luxurious. Again, big woolly jumpers are a staple and your other half will love cuddling up to you in these. They might also like to borrow them occasionally!

Also quite popular at the moment are polo necks. These are particularly comfortable because they keep the neck warm but they’re also figure hugging and stylishly retro. If you wear this and your partner wears the jumpsuit then you could be from nearly any era…

Men can also look great in a stylish dressing gown for relaxing around the house. This doesn’t mean the kind of smelly old gown you wore as a kid, but rather something a little more classy looking – think of the kind of gown you might wear while enjoying a pipe and reading the paper! (A smoking jacket in fact!)

Slippers also look great on a guy who’s relaxing for the evening. But once again, these should be classy slippers and not the kind with Homer Simpson on the front!

Trousers are often difficult to get right. Jeans just aren’t comfortable and neither are work trousers. But guys – comfy shorts are not attractive and never will be! Instead, look for chinos or cargo pants that are a bit more relaxed while still looking smart. These can go nicely with a vest when you’re relaxing around the house.

As you can see then, it’s perfectly possible to make the clothes you’re lounging around in look attractive and feel comfy at the same time. Don’t settle for your old joggers – pick something classier!

Source: Forcoolfashion.com