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How to Protect your Passwords

Data breaches and identity thefts have increased with the fast-paced usage of modern technology and hand-held gadgets. We’ve listed down some important tips to help you protect your passwords and personal information.

Here, take a look:

Create Strong Passwords for All Devices

In case you forget your smartphone or IPad in the Uber and it was picked by someone who wanted to snoop through your social media accounts, it is important to have strong passwords for all your devices. It is common to lose a smartphone or forget your laptop at a coffee shop, but you must take measures to protect your personal information, email account and social media profiles from being accessed by someone else. Be sure to keep passwords for your email account, apps and contacts.

Protect your Personal Information Online

It is important to protect all your online accounts, be it your email account, corporate account or social media profiles. If you have registered for an account with a platform that has been breached, it is important to act swiftly. You need to take stronger measures if you have linked that account with other online accounts, or used the same login details. It is important to have a different password for each account.

Share with Care

When we share too much on social media platforms, our personal information circulates across the web and is exposed to individuals with malicious intentions. It is important to double check your privacy settings while sharing posts and pictures that are personal, and be sure to reduce the audience of people who can access the posts that you are sharing. Parents need to monitor the profiles of their children to make sure that they understand the need to share and interact safely on social media.

Perils of Free Wi-Fi

We all love free public Wi-Fi, now don’t we? It has many advantages of convenience and entertainment, but it also has a dark side: malicious tools to track your online activity and extract your personal information. It is important not to use public Wi-Fi to add your personal information, your account numbers, passwords, bank account details and credit-card numbers, lest you want to take the risk of exposing yourself to the perils of identity theft and bank account hacking.

Disable all Online Accounts you have discarded

Considering the string of online and social media platforms that have opened and closed over the years, it is common for everyone to have several accounts that they no longer use. It is important to close all such online accounts to avoid a breach of your personal information as hackers often use such vulnerable and unused accounts to extract personal details. For instance, an old email or social profile account would contain your bank and healthcare information, among other corporate details that you need to protect.

Source: ForLaptopsandMobile.com