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Here’s why the Net Promoter Score remains a satisfaction metrics mainstay, and how it can be put to good use Brand advocates and ambassadors are invaluable these days, but it can be tough for marketers to determine which customers truly are satisfied and loyal enough to publicly sing a brand’s
For both video and display ads, “viewability” has become an important topic. Now that the Media Ratings Council (MRC) had released a standard for “viewability” —a video ad is considered viewable if half its pixels are on-screen for two seconds—publishers and advertisers are able to measure viewable impressions. Google has
There’s no denying that Samsung is a true giant of the mobile phone market. Their Galaxy line of devices has given even the iPhone a serious run for its money and the company is now a household name all around the world. But while Samsung has enjoyed a lot of
There are so many things in your day-to-day life that require maintenance and cleaning, and while you’re tending to the bigger things—like laundry and a sink full of dishes—some of the smaller things can easily get overlooked. For some those forgotten items, the consequences of not cleaning them regularly can
Let’s say you’re on the brink of graduating high school, or that you’re a recent graduate (or a not-so-recent graduate) who’s about to embark on post-diploma life. No matter which category you’re a part of, there’s a good chance you’ll consider going to a college or a university as a
Wondering why your site is experiencing a drop in performance? Columnist Winston Burton explores what to check before assuming it’s the result of an algorithm update. Predicting why organic traffic has declined year over year or month over month can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I
Let’s be honest. Most people want a little luxury in their lives! That concept can come in the form of a cozy reading nook and a hot cup of coffee or something much grander and pricey—like a car. Regardless of the sensibility of the process, cars can be status symbols
On the market today we have a large variety of camera drones for sale, it’s important to know what kind of drone fits you best in your predetermined operation before thinking of purchasing one. Many manufacturers are building drones with interesting ideas. Therefore, you have to research to know your
Whenever I set out to write something like this, I’m always hesitant because I know that someone (or multiple someones) will read this and know every single thing on the list already. I write it anyway because I think it’s always good to have a refresher. If you pick up
The whole PPC experience is frustrating. You want to throw your coffee mug against the wall, but that type of behavior is frowned upon in your co-working space. Your cost per click is too high to ever be profitable–certainly much higher than you were led to believe it would be. You
Priceline.com is an American company that offers discounted rates for travelers. This includes prices for airline tickets, hotel stays and more. The company does not provide these services itself and nor is it just a search engine. Instead it works alongside suppliers in order to try and get discounted rates.
As marketers, we try to get our hands on the most sustainable content that not only increases sales, but also gives us the competitive edge in the industry. The problem many of us face is figuring out which form of content is worth investing our time and money in that’s