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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia exploded throughout the week beginning May 15th, culminating to a colorful and vibrant ending by May 19th. Several designers showcased their gorgeous looks leaving many fashion experts feeling that the isolated local is finally beginning to take root and develop its own unique identity separate from


Those that keep an eye on fashion and know how to adapt what is on the catwalks into their own personal style will always be one-step ahead of everyone else when it comes to their look. Being right on the crest of the wave when it comes to fashion means


Supernatural recently ended after a tremendous 15 year run, and fans everywhere instantly became nostalgic of the early episodes. Many took to social media stating that they are starting from the beginning and re-watching the entire run just to get more of the Winchester brothers. Few shows have created a fan


Saturday Night Live has been around since 1975. The comedy sketch show has stayed a relevant comedy super giant almost its entire life span. Any show with the longevity that SNL has had is bound to have its valleys, but what keeps us coming back are the peaks! When I


If you take a trip to Shermer, Illinois, you are bound to get lost like Jay and Silent Bob. Mostly because, there is no Shermer, Illinois. The fictional town, just outside of the very real Chicago, Illinois was the backdrop for many, not all, but many of Hughes films. John


The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a film that transcends generations. I remember first watching the movie when I was around 8 years old. It captured my imagination like no other film had at that point. Most of the films I had seen were in color, so the black and


It is difficult to look back at a show like The Wonder Years and not have fond memories. This coming-of-age story surrounding Kevin Arnold produced feelings of nostalgia for a time many of us didn’t live through. But we would feel like we did after spending so much time in the Arnold


Slasher films have a long record of milking a franchise until the mil runs dry. This is an excellent tactic for some people because every now and then, a series of movies will produce some fantastic sequels, even if some are bombs. Nightmare on Elm Street is no different than the rest.


HELP USA is a national housing and homeless services organization dedicated to the premise that all people deserve safe, stable housing. Mentoring USA, an affiliate of HELP USA, is a New York City–based nonprofit providing structured, site-based mentoring to children ages 7–21. Bloomingdale’s has been a proud partner of both


Insecurities are a very real detail of life, and they can come in a number of forms. But when your number-one insecurity happens to be right on your face, it can escalate into something that can severely damage your confidence throughout your day. This is especially true when that insecurity


While fitness and athleticism appear to be growing trends, statistics show that people are more passive than you think. The President’s Council on Sports Fitness & Nutrition reports that less than 5% of adults get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day , and only one in three of them


Try, just for a moment, to picture a daily lifestyle that in no way, shape, or form includes music—and I mean, no music! No background music on your movies, no commercial jingles, no humming while you clean your kitchen—nothing! It’s hard to do, isn’t it? The reason for that difficulty is linked


The ways to connect to people online are numerous in today’s world, which can be a good thing and a bad thing in regard to fitness pursuits—including running. On the good side of things, there’s plenty of information that can be followed to guide you to become a better runner


As Father’s Day 2017 fast approaches, many of us are reminiscing over all of the special things our dads have done for us. We are also currently feeling the pressure of what to get one of the most important people in our lives. Your dad, whether you want to embrace


So much attention is given to certain works in the literary world, ones that have stood the test of time to cement their statuses as classics. While there’s something to be said for a book that’s survived so long and has become a staple in the academic world, I’m fully


In my experience, being an aunt has involved a number of things, like water fights, catching lightning bugs (fireflies, if you’re not familiar with the term), and decorating the porch with sidewalk chalk. But one of the most precious activities as an aunt, to me, has been baking with my


Tax preparation is certainly not something most of us look forward to, especially since income taxes account for 15 percent to 45 percent of an American family’s total annual income. Not only are income taxes expensive, they are also pretty complicated. This hesitation, coupled with confusion translates to late tax


The older men get, the harder it can become to buy for them. A lot of guys are seemingly content with what they have and happy to spend their evenings watching TV, down the pub with friends, reading or working on projects. Men don’t tend to get the same enjoyment


Nov. 16, 2018 – Today, Walmart introduced The Walmart Toy Lab at www.WalmartToyLab.com, an all-new digital playground where Walmart’s littlest fans can play with 20 of the toys on the retailer’s Top Rated by Kids top toy list right from their computer or tablet. Like stepping into an interactive unboxing


Walmart as we know it today evolved from Sam Walton’s goals for great value and great customer service. “Mr. Sam,” as he was known, believed in leadership through service. This belief that true leadership depends on willing service was the principle on which Walmart was built, and drove the decisions