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It seems that 2015 is going to be well-known as a year where the digital advertising industry finally got its act together when it comes to fighting non-human traffic.  There have already been several announcements concerning new software, new ad platforms, new ‘blacklists’ and many other efforts made by a

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The research is based on the data provided by Deloitte Notes: Digital technologies influenced an estimated 49% of in-store sales last year ($1.7T), in line with previously-released projections and up from 36% the year prior, says Deloitte. Mobile’s influence, as expected, has been growing quickly, directly impacting 28% of in-store sales last year,

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For both video and display ads, “viewability” has become an important topic. Now that the Media Ratings Council (MRC) had released a standard for “viewability” —a video ad is considered viewable if half its pixels are on-screen for two seconds—publishers and advertisers are able to measure viewable impressions. Google has

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Mobile-only media such as mobile search and display are the source of a majority of phone calls to businesses, according to an Invoca analysis of 32 million phone calls throughout 2014. But are these media referring high-quality calls? Looking at the top marketing channels driving calls, the study indicates that mobile search

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When it comes to e-commerce, there are many good and evils you have to go through to find the perfect solution for you. Unfortunately, the best way to get to that solution is to test every individual piece and find the best one. Most of us don’t have the time