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Sportswear or Activewear includes clothing and footwear designed to enhance or enable physical activity as well as protect and provide comfort during mobility. Functional Considerations The main difference between regular clothing and activewear is that the former can be restrictive while sportswear is designed to promote free range of motion.
Today, brands are facing enormous pressure to produce a quantity of quality content on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, resources and budgets often don’t support that need. One area that many companies are still investing in is sending team members to industry events. Not only are these events full of valuable information, but they present
Trends come and go in a number of fields, including music, movies, hobbies, and clothes, and home décor is no different in that regard! Throughout the decades, common styles and strategies for fancying up your house can arrive, only to surrender to brand new trends that are waiting on the
If you’ve ever signed up for a gym membership, then you’re already well aware of the power of sunk cost effect. Basically, every time you sigh and grumble your way to the gym to power up the elliptical, you’re falling prey to this phenomenon that says we’re reluctant to pull
It’s cliché to say that SEO is a changing field. By now, we all know that. Google’s world-dominating algorithm adjusts multiple times a day. Major algorithm updates make national headlines and spawn cottage industries and strategy shifts. What’s the obvious response to the ever-changing nature of SEO? The easy answer is
These days, we are more entrenched in media than we ever have been. Most of us will spend our evenings playing games, watching TV or watching films. On a special occasion, we might head to the cinema. At work meanwhile, we are constantly online, reading stories and turning them into
When it comes to books, we are as divided as can be. Some people say that nothing can replace a good old paper book, some prefer the convenience and a light weight of an e-book. Some love to download books for free, some demand that writing a book is a
Early Days The story of Barnes and Noble starts back in 1886 when the first store was open in NYC under the name of Arthur Hinds & Company. A young Harvard graduate Gilbert Clifford Noble joined as a sales clerk the same year and by 1894 he became a partner
When I went rock climbing for the first time, I had no idea what I was doing. My friends and I were complete newbies about ropes and rappelling and every other bit of jargon and technique that goes with climbing. We saw others doing it spectacularly well. We were thrilled at the
Marketers have invested heaps of time — and ad dollars — over the past few years trying to target millennials. Recently, though, our clients have begun asking us to help them wrap their minds around the mores of a new generation: “Gen Edge.” Who are they? And how do we
Amazon has been an ecommerce powerhouse in the West, while its two Asian counterparts – Alibaba in China and Rakuten in Japan – have been growing rapidly. Should Amazon fear their entry into the global ecommerce market? Like most U.S. companies who are leading the way in their own field, Amazon has been
We’re sure you understand why a good landing page is so essential to your success, so let’s look at what a high-converting landing page should include. This information we’re sharing with you is the result of years of testing and millions of dollars in ad spend, and has proved successful