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When it comes to art, taste can be an individual thing, and this concept is noted in the variety of genres of music, movies, books, etc. that people experience. Each representation of those categories could come with people who are strong fans as well as those who think it’s terrible.


There are plenty of interests that are sensible to encourage in children, like painting, but few of those prospects could be as precious as giving them the gift of reading. Just imagine going through life without ever knowing how to read and the large extent to which that inability would


Intro With the exponential rise in technological advancement, computer engineering is perhaps one of the fastest growing degrees out there. The benefits of such education include long-term job security and growth as well as a nice paycheck straight out of graduation. Computer engineering is the combination of electrical engineering and


SPOILERS AHEAD   CBS ALL Access released the new take on Stephen King’s epic novel The Stand in December 2020.  The show aired when humanity knew better than ever what effects a pandemic can have. The Stand’s first episode, “The End,” sets the setting for a world far too familiar.  Fans of the


DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS AHEAD  Disney+ pulls no punches for their original series; The Mandalorian is a perfect example of the type of caliber they bring. WandaVision, the newest addition to the Disney+ originals, was released in December 2020 to mixed reviews.   The show started in black and white and filmed in front


Many children in grade school must read Jack London’s book “Call of the Wild.” Due to this requirement, fans of the book continue to grow with each passing grade. Fans will remember the ugly truth about nature London lays out on each page. The acts of violence, along with multiple


The year 2020 brought with it so much heartache, pain, and confusion. Uncertainty was the daily norm, and businesses worldwide had to say goodbye and close their doors forever. The fallout of the events that led up to the pandemic is still in effect, and the fear that more businesses


Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead!   Judd Apatow’s latest film, The King of Staten Island, is another way of telling a boy’s tale of becoming a man at his own pace. Apatow, who is known for his in-depth character building, loves to write films where the main character is a male struggling to mature.


2020 did one thing that could be seen as a silver lining in what is otherwise a dumpster fire of a year, it gave us time. Time to sit and think, dwell on our life, binge watch television or finally read that book we have been staring at on our


Pixar is no stranger to making movies that dive into the afterlife, so when Soul was released, I was excited to watch it with my kids. Soul is about a music teacher named Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) who is only teaching music until his career as a Jazz musician takes


Say what you will about 2020, but for some of us it forced us to stay inside and catch up on a lot of the television shows we have been wanting to watch. While the world seemed to burn down around us, we were able to sink into our most


Now that 2020 is over we can hopefully take a deep breath and push all the negative thoughts about last year away. One great thing about 2020 was some of the games released like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Last of Us Part II, DOOM Eternal, Ghost of Tsushima, Assassins


It is no secret that DC has had its fair share of cinematic flops, with its bat nipples and CGI cats taking the lead. When Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman was released, it really created a spirit of hope that the DC super-hero universe would be changing lanes and heading for


It is no secret that 2020 was kind of a big bowl of flaming garbage. There were so many negative things that happened it is easy to focus on that and allow the negative to overshadow the positive things that happened. 2020 actually brought a lot of positive things to


Kevin Costner is one of those actors that people tend to forget about these days. I have no idea why when the subject of “who is the best actor” Costner is always looked over. Okay, maybe “best” actor is stretching things a little, but some of the roles that he


“Hollywood has run out of good ideas” is almost a slogan anymore for any movie or television buff who things they have something to say. The statement may be true to a certain extent and it does feel like we are seeing more and more of the same stories re-hashed


As someone who “liked” the original movies of The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai has been a hard kick in the pants to re-watch the movies to find a new love and appreciation for them. That speaks volumes to how great of a job the show runners are doing with this Netflix series.


HBO Max may be new to the streaming world, but they are coming out extremely aggressive with their exclusive content. With so many options for streaming it makes sense that this already giant in the industry would pull no punches and deliver great content. Over the last few years (prior


Biomedical enhancements are described as anything which improves or increases an existing biological/physical capacity or characteristic, or, that produces a completely new one. With technology rapidly increasing, the prospect of new and monumental biological enhancements is exciting, to say the least. However, numerous ethical issues arise with regards to these


Most people on this planet are well aware of what the Hollywood Walk of Fame is. However, unless you work in the industry or have family/friends who are deeply rooted in it, many of you are not too familiar with the history of the project. Ahh – the Hollywood Walk