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Education through Collaboration

Collaboration is the new hit word, being used by organizations, involving small startup companies all the way up to mega-corporations such as NASA. Open source projects are the future, concentrating the creative powers of individuals across the world and expediting the innovation process. Whereas Technology, Business and even Social Media, have definitely understood its innumerable …

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Home business

Many people are working from home these days. Some employees telecommute for their jobs, but others are self-employed freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and consultants. Running a home-based business means freedom and flexibility, but it also means putting in the hard work to make the business grow. A home-based business doesn’t flourish overnight unless you have …

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Barnes & Noble

When it comes to books, we are as divided as can be. Some people say that nothing can replace a good old paper book, some prefer the convenience and a light weight of an e-book. Some love to download books for free, some demand that writing a book is a labor-intensive process that has to …

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​How to Overcome Stress Eating

 Obesity – once a health condition, has now turned into an epidemic as pointed out by doctors, researchers and scientists. Not actually a disease in itself, obesity , however is the root cause of several health risks such as irregular blood sugar, disturbed heart rate, increased cholesterol level and many more. If not monitored properly, these problems can put your …

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