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Professions of the Future

When you ask around, it seems there’s a general dissatisfaction with the quality of the ‘future’ that we received. Everyone was expecting to see flying cars, people on hover boards (thanks, Back to the Future) and silver jumpsuits; where are they? When you ask around, it seems there’s a general dissatisfaction with the quality of …

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Are Career Choices Gender-Specific?

Many factors influence people’s career choices, such as academic inclination, educational background, and gender. For many decades, gender has always been a determinant of career. However, with the technological and mental enlightenment in the past few years, this perspective has significantly changed.   Certain jobs have always seemed to favor a particular gender over another. In …

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Learning Disabilities Side Effects

Learning disabilities refer to processing issues that make learning more difficult.  These learning disabilities may be inherited or acquired via neurological factors that affect the brain adversely. These individuals with learning disabilities are intelligent, but they struggle to express the skill you would expect from someone of that age.  Learning disabilities can only be managed, …

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Crisis-proof Resume

Living in a time of uncertainty, where we can’t rely on our so-called stable position, can be challenging. People lose jobs and find themselves in difficult positions, but this is something you can’t really influence. What you can do is to focus on your thoughts and actions. Use this opportunity to look for a change …

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