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Amazon: A Better Alternative to Offline Stores?

It’s no surprise to hear that Amazon is absolutely killing it online. They’ve become the world’s largest internet retailer and founder Jeff Bezos has his sights set far and wide on continuing to build and expand his ever-growing empire. Amazon is absolutely dominating the market in every way possible and traditional brick-and-mortar companies are left …

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Lenses For Dummies

Fact. The only people who truly understand what’s going on when the word “lenses” comes up in a conversation are either really good photographers or really bad at identifying that fifth line at the optometrist’s office. Let’s focus (no pun intended) on the photography kind of lens. What Exactly is a Camera Lens? A camera …

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Practice Makes Perfect

Learn Digital Photography – Practice Makes Perfect In 3 Simple Steps It never ceases to amaze me how amateur photographers think that they can shoot the perfect image when they only take photos now and again. Even amateur sportsmen and woman spend considerable amounts of time practicing their discipline. So, why not photographers? Here are …

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