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Are Your Ears Ringing?

Years before they reach retirement age, senior citizens often begin thinking about the “golden years.” And, while they ponder heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and problems with their eyes, one particular disease often escapes their attention: tinnitus. Tinnitus comes from the Latin word meaning “to ring or tinkle.” It’s a collection of symptoms of the inner ear, …

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Dieting the Right Way

What if you could eat what you wanted, within reason, and still lose weight? That’s the claim made by hundreds of diets, dietary product manufacturers, and self-help health authors. That claim has a ring of truth to it, though. In general, by dieting the right way and exercising, you can eat a lot of food, …

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Stress Eating

Obesity – once a health condition, has now turned into an epidemic as pointed out by doctors, researchers and scientists. Not actually a disease in itself, obesity , however is the root cause of several health risks such as irregular blood sugar, disturbed heart rate, increased cholesterol level and many more. If not monitored properly, these problems can put your …

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