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Easy Virtue (1928)

After directing the film adaptation of Downhill, Gainsborough convinced Hitchcock that he should lead another play to film adaptation, this time for the play Easy Virtue. This play was also one of Noel Cowards’ creations, so it was a no-brainer to pair it with Hitchcock once again. Hitchcock, however, was hesitant to direct another adaptation as one …

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The Suicide Squad Kills

It is no secret that Warner Bros. has been dropping the ball with the DC Universe. I am not saying that every DC movie that comes out is garbage. Look at the Wonder Woman franchise that continues to grow, and Aquaman surprised many viewers with how fun it was. However, as an overall universe, it’s evident that, as a …

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Tales from the Crypt

Season 1: Episode 1  The 1980s brought so many excellent horror movies. When thinking back on the 80s horror genre, most will drift to the Jason’s and Freddy’s of the decade. While there is no issue with this, it is unfortunate that one of the excellent anthology series is often forgotten. I am, of course, …

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How to Get Away with Murder

So, if you are living anywhere remotely near a television set on the continent of North America, chances are you’ve definitely heard of the award winning ever popular television suspense/drama/thriller/borderline soap opera by the name of How to Get Away With Murder (aka HTGAWM). The show is kind of like the best thing since sliced bread. I …

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Best Disney classics

One of the most memorable aspects of childhood can be linked to things we watched as children, whether those things are television shows or movies that we adored. Sometimes those memories can be rekindled through a new movie or TV series that embraces those shows we appreciated in our youth—like the new Power Rangers movie—but the best …

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Top 10 Stoner Movies

There are so many movies that could fall under the category of a “Stoner” movie. Although previous lists have been made, they seem to pull in movies with plots not entirely centered around being stoner movies. A stoner movie has a storyline based on being high, getting high or issues caused by being around drugs. …

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