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Missing travel? These TV programmes will transport you from the comfort of your armchair

With travel restrictions and concerns about COVID transmission looming large, travel is off the agenda for most of us right now. But you can still broaden your horizons by travelling from the comfort of your armchair – these specially selected TV programmes will whisk you away – and broaden your horizons – without having to …

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Leisure Spots Open Amidst Corona

The Coronavirus pandemic led to businesses and centers being shut down. Initially, nonessential businesses were shut down, including your favorite leisure spots. Thankfully, with the easing of the lockdown, some leisure spots have resumed business. We have compiled a list of leisure spots that are currently open to visitors in this article. If you are …

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Reviewing Hotel Advices

While away from home, you want to be happy. You want to be comfortable. You want to enjoy yourself. You want the place where you are staying to meet your satisfaction. But there is a problem. You’ve never been to that place before. You’ve only seen it in a directory and read about it on …

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TripAdvisor, Inc. is a travel website company that is designed to help people find more information before making decisions regarding their flights, hotels, car hire and more. It has grown considerably to be one of the biggest and best tools on the web for holidaymakers and travelers, as well as a great marketing opportunity for …

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Skyscanner is not a travel agent but rather a global search engine that allows for the easy and convenient comparison of different flights. The service is free to use and makes it very easy for you to quickly look at different flights and find the best deal and most convenient times for your specific requirements. …

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